Glowing Skin Carrot Cake Smoothie

Outer beauty begins from the inside out. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned as a model about how to eat not to lose weight, but to enhance beauty. We spend so much money on supplements, skincare and hair products to try and achieve a certain look on the outside, but neglect to focus on the fundamentals – the food we put into our bodies. Beauty in is beauty out! If you focus on using each meal as an opportunity to become more healthy and beautiful, you will see incredible results in your body. You’ll have more energy, healthy, shiny hair, and a glowing complexion!

The Carrot Cake Skin Food Smoothie is the most popular and one of the quickest smoothies I make!

I love this smoothie because it’s nourishing for your skin and low sugar. That’s crucial because spikes in blood sugar can cause wrinkles and breakouts. I have the sweetest of sweet tooths, and what I love so much about this smoothie is that it satisfies my sweet craving without any fruit or added sugar! This smoothie is also a favorite of non-smoothie lovers. My mom does not like smoothies at all, but loves this one because it reminds her of biting into a freshly baked carrot cake!


*Freezing your carrots is very important to make the texture  smooth and thick like a milkshake.

** Be sure to use Vanilla protein powder, this gives the smoothie a true carrot cake taste

***Use just enough almond milk  to almost cover your frozen carrots

****Playing around with the spices is encouraged to achieve the exact taste you want!

*****If you are a smoothie beginner and want to add a little extra sweetness, consider half a frozen banana or a tsp of vanilla extract



  1. No surprise our first ingredient is … Carrots! Carrots are loaded with the antioxidant Beta-carotene. Once it’s in your body… beta-carotene converts to vitamin A… which is amazing for your skin, hair , nails and eyes. It regenerates collagen and regulates oil production in the skin, making it youthful and balanced. Your mom wasn’t lying about carrots making your eyes beautiful either – vitamin A helps degenerating eyesight as we age!
  2. Almond butter, our second ingredient, is so important to this smoothie because it is a healthy fat. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning your body  needs a little bit of healthy fat in order to absorb the nutrients properly.  So Almond Butter and Carrots compliment each other well. My favorite part about Almond Butter: Biotin! You might have heard of girls taking biotin in supplement form because it is like MAGIC for growing long hair and strong nails. Get some natural biotin from almond butter!
  3. Now for the ingredients that really makes this taste like a carrot cake – the spices! Cinnamon, Cardamom and Nutmeg!
    • Cinnamon for stabilizing blood sugar (aka no blemish/wrinkle causing sugar spikes)
    • Cardamom for soothing indegestion and detoxing
    • Nutmeg for beauty sleep
  4. Vanilla Protein Powder really adds the “cake” to the carrot. I use Ancient Nutrition Vanilla Bone Broth Protein because I love the collagen content. Many women take collagen in supplement form or inject it into wrinkled areas in order to plump and reverse years on their skin. Getting collagen from a natural source like bone broth does wonders for a glowing complexion! Bone broth also helps relieve joint pain, increase energy throughout the day, and assist in deeper sleeping
  5. The last ingredient is Almond milk! Almond milk contains phosphorus for strengthening bones to prevent osteoporosis as we age!


Here’s a how to video from my segment on Studio 512!



4 thoughts on “Glowing Skin Carrot Cake Smoothie

  1. I just finished watching you on your Studio 512 segment & I can’t wait to make this smoothie 😉👍🏼 I have a quick question for you. What did you drizzle on top right at the end? Is that in your recipe too? Thank you again & I look forward to learning new things from you about food, healthy & beauty from the inside out ❤️

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    1. Hi! Thank you so much:) at the end I drizzled almond butter, sprinkled coconut, added walnuts and plopped some blueberries on top! I like to put almond butter in a piping bag or ziploc, cut the corner and add a frosting tip to make it look pretty!


  2. I tried this today and WOW! this was amazingly wonderful!
    I didn’t have frozen carrots but it worked anyway
    I plan to keep this in the freezer so that it can be my midnight snack… ice cream…

    Thank you

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