• 1. Linjer- Jewelry
  • 2. Dippin’ Daisys- Swimsuits
  • 3. Patrick Ta- Makeup
  • 4. Olive and June- Nail Polish Kits
  • 5. FRDM Eyewear- Blue Light Filtering Glasses
  • 6. Outdoor Voices- Athletic Clothing
  • 7. Rent the Runway- Designer Clothing Rental
  • 8. Vegamour- Lash, Brow and Hair Growth Serums
  • 9. My Mylk Labs- Healthy Oatmeal
  • 10. Vejo- Pod-based On-the-go Blender
  • 11. Cozy Earth- Bamboo sheets and clothing



CODE: LyndenFruit10

Linjer is my favorite jewelry brand! I love how simple and delicate each piece is. The jewelry is long lasting and will not rust or turn your fingers green because each piece I have is gold vermeil. Linjer is high quality jewelry at a great price point, sustainable and timeless! Get 10% off with my code above and click here to see my favorite pieces! Lynden’s Top Picks

Dippin’ Daisys


CODE: Lynden15

Dippin' Daisy's Swimwear

I am obsessed with my Dippin Daisy’s swimsuits! They are all so stylish and most importantly FLATTERING!! I love every swimsuit I have of theirs and can’t wait to wear them all summer. The code above will get you 15% off at checkout! I’m wearing a medium in the photo below.

Patrick Ta Makeup


CODE: Lynden15

I can’t wait to make a video about Patrick Ta’s Creme Contour and Powder Bronzer duo! It’s like magic for cheekbones! I cannot recommend this product enough. I use the color ‘She’s Statuesque’. It does some major sculpting for my jawline and cheeks while adding a subtle and natural glow! The code above will get you 15% off of your purchase!

Olive and June


CODE: Lynden20

Olive and June makes doing nails at home much more fun! I’m in love with their nail art! It’s so easy to apply and the little flowers, cherries and other cute designs are adorable!! Their colors resemble some of my old favorites like Fiji from Essie or Ballet Slippers from OPI (these color formulas seem to have been modified recently, but olive and june’s colors are almost identical to the original shades that I love so much!) This discount code will get you 20% off all systems!

FRDM Eyewear


CODE: Lynden15

I LOVE my blue light filtering glasses from FRDM eyewear. They are so fashion forward and lightweight! They help keep headaches due to screen time at bay. I will even wear them outside sometimes instead of sunglasses to block the glare! I’m wearing the Montreal Tortoise Blue Light Glasses. The code above will give you 15% off at checkout.

Outdoor Voices


CODE: Doer-Lynden

Outdoor Voices has been a favorite work out brand of mine for years now. Their clothes are always fashion forward. The exercise dress is incredible because of how versatile it is! I can wear it to play tennis, to hike, go to the grocery or out to dinner with a jacket. In LA, it’s nice to not have to drive all the way home to change clothes for dinner after a day of work or running errands. I can just throw a sweater over my exercise dress! The code above offers 20% off your first purchase at OV. (if it doesn’t work the first time, try using a different email address in the checkout!)

Rent the Runway



Rent the Runway is an amazing way to wear fabulous and expensive clothes for a fraction of the cost. Half of the time, I buy a dress for an event and then maybe wear it again once. This way I can have four or eight incredible new dresses each month (depending on what package you select) for rehearsal, wedding showers, evening events and dates. I found my favorite shirt of all time on rent the runway. They also offer exquisite jewelry and evening bags to go with your outfit! I highly recommend trying RTR! The code above offers 40% off your first two months of an 8 or 16 outfit subscription!




This past year, I noticed a tiny spot on my hairline was thinning. In an effort to prevent further hair loss, I started on Moon Juice hair supplements and Vegamour hair growth serum and was so happy with the results! The last two times I’ve been in to see my hair dresser, she has been amazed by how many tiny baby hairs I have growing in all over, not to mention the spot on my hairline that’s thickening out again! Another 2 products I’m about to try are the brow and lash serums. Long lashes and thick brows are IN so I can’t wait to see the results! The code above with give you 20% off your purchase.

Mylk Labs


CODE: Lyndenfruit15

Healthy Oatmeal on the go! I love this clean ingredient oatmeal brand created by a friend and fellow model! They have many delicious flavors and all you have to do is add hot water! Get 15% off with the code above!



CODE: Lynden8pack

Rectangle, Circle, Terrestrial plant

Wow! Vejo has been a LIFE SAVER for me!! It’s basically a Kuerig on the go. I get strawberry smoothie, matcha and sleepy time tea pods in the mail each month and can make incredibly delicious smoothies, lattes or teas wherever I am. It’s such a cool and useful item in my travel bag! The code above will get you a free 8 pack of pods with your purchase of a Vejo.




Cozy Earth is an incredible brand! I love that the bamboo material used for their sheets, pjs and jogger sets is super soft and warm, but still breathable! Since I can’t stand sweating in the middle of the night, bamboo is the perfect material for me! I love their super comfortable clothing and can’t wait for you to try it out too!

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