The Book That Changed My Life

“Eat Pretty” by Jolene Hart transformed my life from an intense daily battle against unhealthy food into a divine romance with the vibrant fruits and veggies that fill my body with life every day.




Eat Pretty really is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s packed with information so it never goes out of style, and I reread it every few months to discover what’s new and in season. It features more than 85 “glow-getting” foods and specifies what about each that makes you a more beautiful YOU! It also discusses which foods diminish health and why they should be avoided. It’s a great resource and I find myself turning to it over and over for guidance.

Why I Love It:

This book completely changed my outlook on food. At a time in my life when I was at war with calories, Eat Pretty brought peace. Food was no longer the desirable enemy, instead it became the gateway to beauty! Hart’s words inspired me to fill my diet with the whole foods that would brighten my eyes, detox my body, strengthen my hair and make my skin glow. This left no room for the “beauty betrayers” or foods that cause wrinkles and diminish health. Since I’ve read (and reread) Eat Pretty, eating right has become fun! I’m constantly looking up fruits and veggies in the index to discover what combinations of vitamins and minerals they contain and how they will benefit my health. I have seen from personal experience that eating pretty is no myth. When my diet is full of the gloriously nourishing foods the book recommends, it is obvious to me in the way I feel. It is also obvious to the makeup artists I work with in the way my skin, eyes, and hair look. Feeling good on the inside, glowing on the outside!

My Favorite Takeaways:

-Eating whole foods is fun because you see real results in your mood and body!

-My mad love affair with smoothies. Eat Pretty makes it so easy to find the perfect fruit and veggie combos to blend up for the specific boost you need. Whether it’s raspberries for lustrous hair, dandelion greens for detox, ginger for anti-aging, celery for hydration or strawberries for extra vitamin C, there are infinite combos to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. These combos make sure that there is never a dull or boring routine to eating pretty!

-Eat Pretty is my favorite grocery store companion. It makes grocery list writing a breeze.

-A tip I love and use is: bring your own dish to the potluck dinner! Not sure if there will be a healthy option at the fourth of July BBQ? Chop and roast up a couple sweet potatoes to share or make a big colorful salad. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it saves you from eating those “beauty betrayers” Hart talks about.

“Eat Pretty” is so much more than ‘just another book about food.’                                       It’s a new outlook on what the meaning of beauty is. Discover beauty in the form of a healthy, balanced diet that provides the nutrients God gave to His creation so that we may look and feel radiant.

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